It’s award ceremony season, and we’re right in the thick of it, having already had the Golden Globes, Grammy’s, and Brits. This week the focus will be on the Oscars (although don’t forget Music + Sound awards on Thursday). We are a team of film lovers at soundounge, and as Music Supervisors are always interested in film scores.

This year, while John Williams has two nominations (Adventures Of Tintin & Warhorse), we’re most excited about The Artist score written by Ludovic Bource. I wouldn’t blame you for not recognizing this name, especially before this year, as he’s relatively unknown as a composer. His routes are close to our hearts as he started his career writing music for commercials. His mini break came in 1999 when he wrote the score for short film Mes Amis directed by The Artist’s director Michel Hazanavicius. A few short films later and Bource is now facing an Oscer Nomination, and deservedly so. The Artists relies so heavily on the music to tell the story that the score was more vital than ever to the visuals.

When asked, Bource explains he looked back to the masters of the earliest films for inspiration: “before this process of creation, I watched with Michel the classic American films like ‘Sunrise’. The light is very magical. The supposition of images to other images and the tracks are just wonderful”.

Bource has come onto the film score scene with such an impressive talent that we can’t think of a more fitting composer to win Best Score at the Oscars, and we eagerly wait the next big film that features his music. It surely can’t be long.

Sadly there is no Oscar for best Music Supervisor, or best compilation soundtrack, an art that also makes a huge difference to films. Drive for example, would have had a whole different feel if it weren’t for the great song choices by Eric Craig. Luckily on Thursday the Music + Sound awards commence at KOKO, and sponsors we’ll be reporting on the winners where the Music Supervisor will most definitely be credited.